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gopro photos/video offered!

canyoning galamus

Slides, jumps, abseiling in the water or dry for beginners and athletes in the magnificent canyons:

From 39€

hydrospeed aude st georges

Equipped with a foam float (river bodyboard), flippers and a thick suit, you will descend the rapids of the Aude by propelling yourself with your legs.

From 30€

rafting aude canyoning pyrénées orientales

Inflatable boat that can carry 8 people, you will go down the rapids of the Aude while rowing simultaneously to gain speed. Several courses are proposed to you the sporty , the discovery and the integral .

From 30€

via ferrata st paul de fenouillet canyoning pyrénées orientales

With harness, helmet and lanyards, you will progress using bars anchored in the cliff. A walk in height without major technical difficulties.

From 30€

escalade aude canyoning pyrénées orientales

Indoors or on the cliff, you will have to defy the law of weightlessness on routes up to 200 meters. To achieve this you will have climbing shoes and a harness.

Canoë à Axat dans l'Aude

Inflatable or rigid open boat with one or two places, which allows you to be ejected in the event of desalination. You will descend the rapids of the Aude over several kilometres.

From 30€

With our alet eau vive partner we offer canoe rental without a guide:

  • 6 km descent

  • 9 km descent

  • 15 km descent

And initiation to kayaking or canoeing with a guide, lasting 2 hours from alet les bains

Rental From 15€
Initiation with guide 28€

Canyoning Pyrenees Orientales

CPO is a group of two guides: Nicolas Rousson and Julien Picot.

We have both been sports educators in canoeing , kayaking and climbing for about ten years. We both have a State Certificate in our respective disciplines and a State Diploma in sports development mention canyoning .

We have worked in different massifs for different structures such as in the Alpes de Haute Provence in Barcelonnette in the Ubaye valley but also in Haute Savoie on La Dranse, the Alpes-Maritimes, in Toulouse and abroad in South America especially in Chile and Argentina.


Today we are settled in the Languedoc Roussillon region in the departments of Aude and Pyrénées Orientales in Axat and St Paul de Fenouillet.


We offer serious supervision in complete safety. We opt  on most of the canyons, in particular that of the Gorges du Llech and the Gourg des Anelles on a day service. This saves us waiting on each obstacle and allows us to repeat certain jumps.

Photos of your activities

We are equipped with GOPRO type digital cameras and we take photos and videos of all the canyon descents, the definition of the images is good but the absence of a screen and zoom complicates the correct framing when shooting.

If you want quality images, we now offer a photo option with a professional photographer specializing in mountain sports, this option is on estimate only and must be reserved several days in advance.

The rafting activity takes place in the Aude between Axat and Quillan. We will pass through two gorges, that of St Georges and that of Pierre Lys. Embark on a raft an unsinkable boat you can go down the rapids up to eight people.

We accept children from 8 years old.

Different courses are possible, the sportsman, the beginner and the integral.

Possibility of arranging the routes for CE (works council), for EVG (bachelor party), EVJF (bachelor party for young girl), for schoolchildren, families and CVL (vacation center of leisure).

Rafting in the Aude is two and a half hours from Montpellier in the Hérault, two hours from Toulouse in the Haute Garonne and more or less half an hour from Carcassonne, Narbonne and Perpignan in the Pyrenees and Aude .

Via ferrata, via corda and dry canyon

For those who do not like water, you can take advantage of the dry courses of Fenouillèdes.


The via ferrata of St Paul de Fenouillet consists of two vias, an easy pitchona and a more difficult one, the panoramic.

In Caudiès de Fenouillèdes, there is a dry canyon, the Roc Rouge. It is a series of abseils, the largest of which is about twenty meters.


On the side of the Aude is the via corda of St Martin Lys. The via corda is a mix between canyoning and via ferrata.


Hydrospeed Aude in Axat

Whitewater or hydrospeed swimming in the upper Aude valley. Descent of 7 kilometers between Axat and Quillan two hours from Toulouse and Montpellier, 1 hour from Narbonne and half an hour from Carcassonne and Perpignan.

Outdoor activity ideal for EVG, EVJF but also for Works Councils, for schoolchildren and CVL.


All activities take place in Languedoc-Roussillon in the following departments:

- The Pyrenees-Orientales 66

- The Aude 11


The various practice sites for canyoning activity are located in the municipalities of Céret 66400, Prades 66500, St-Paul-de-Fenouillet 66220 and Termes 11330. All the canyons are close to the seaside resorts:

- 30 minutes from Argeles-sur-Mer , Saint Cyprien , Collioure , Banyuls-sur-Mer and Port Vendres

-30 minutes from Barcarès , St Marie de la Mer , Canet-en-Roussillon , Torreilles


The via ferrata is located in the town of Saint-Paul de Fenouillet 66220.


Whitewater activities such as rafting , whitewater swimming also called hydrospeed , canoeing and kayaking are practiced on the Aude river at Axat 11140.


Climbing depends on weather conditions, as a general rule we go to the town of Belviane and Cavirac 11500. Indoor climbing takes place in Quillan 11500 or Toulouse 31000.


The activities are 1h30 from Toulouse , 2h30 from Montpellier , 30 minutes from Perpignan and 30 minutes from Carcassonne , 30 minutes from Narbonne , 45 from Bézier and 30 minutes from Spain .




We offer two canyons in the Aude, the Gorges de Galamus in St Paul de Fenouillet, and the second, the Clue de Terminet in Termes.


They are both initiation canyons, ideal for family practice but also for EVG or EVJF and CVL or schoolchildren.

Located in the Vallespir, in the Tech valley, we offer several canyons in Cérét and Amélie les Bains.

The best known of them is the Anelles gourg, but right next to it is the Baoussous canyon and Mas Calsan. Unfortunately these last two canyons are dry during the summer.

Les Anelles is an ideal course for bachelor parties or bachelorette parties with its rappels and jumps.

Canyoning Prades

In Prades in Conflent at the foot of Canigou, we suggest taking you to the Llech gorges, one of the most playful canyons in Europe.

This course is sporty and requires a minimum of physical condition.


In the parallel valley, flows the Taurynia, this route is one of the most sporty that we offer. About six hours of descent.


Going up the Têt valley we arrive at Thuès-Entre-Valls where the Thuès canyon and its warm waters flow. Passable during the winter with the snow-covered banks. The route is on the road to the ski resorts, towards Les Angles, Font Romeu.

Terms and conditions

Participants for the  canyoning , rafting , canoeing , kayaking , hydrospeed activities must know how to swim and immerse their heads.


Participants must be in good physical condition and have no contraindications to the practice of the activity.


Depending on the climatic conditions or the technical level of the participants  the eastern pyrenees canyoning supervisors grant themselves the right to cancel or change the course.



We offer activities for children from 8 years old. We propose to adapt the activities, the staff and the routes according to the public.

We offer tailor-made for CVL, EVG , EVJF , CE and school. Get in touch with us by phone or email and let us know your expectations for a personalized quote.

2.5 hours from Toulouse, we offer canyoning and rafting in the Aude. Our partner offers accommodation in bungalows with half board or full board...

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