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We are located in the Languedoc Roussillon region in the French Pyrenees in the departments of Aude and PO.

We work across the Corbières massifs between Carcassonne, Narbonne and Perpignan, but also in Vallespir and Conflent on the Canigou massif.

The reception points are in Prades (66), Céret (66), Saint Paul de Fenouillet (66), Axat (11) and Termes (11).


The practice sites are 2h30 from Toulouse and Montpellier.



For the canyoning activity, we give you an appointment on the practice sites, we provide you with all the equipment necessary for the practice, except the swimsuit and the shoes (we provide shoes on reservation).

Remember to bring a bottle of water and cereal bars.


For rafting, the meeting point is in Axat at the Aliès bridge roundabout. We welcome you to our permanent structure, cloakroom, shower, toilets.

We provide you with all the equipment for the activity and transport between the start and the end of the course.


All activities are reserved in advance by telephone or e-mail.

To know

It is compulsory to know how to swim for white water sports and not to have any contraindication to the practice of the activity.


For canyoning we are open from the end of March to mid October. We are subject to a prefectural decree which determines the periods of practice.


For rafting, we need water releases from EDF, during the summer we have an agreement that allows us to navigate from July 1st to August 31st. In general in the spring, the melting snow allows the river to have a sufficient natural flow to be able to launch an assault on the rapids.


The activity is free for the future groom from 8 people.


EVG, EVJF (bachelor party for a boy, a young girl)


For EVG (bachelor party) and EVJF (bachelor party girl) we offer outdoor activities .

Sensational canyons with big abseils of 25 meters, slides of 8 meters and jumps up to 8 meters (optional). Sensations with the rapids of the Aude in the Pierre Lys with the triple fall, the wallet, the ball at King-Kong and the dessert.


We offer day or half-day services. You have the possibility of taking one or more activities during the day.

We also offer a package that includes according to your wishes, one or two activities plus accommodation with half board or full board.

We have a photo option , for the canyon and the via ferrata, our professional photographer accompanies us throughout the activity to take pictures.

This option is on estimate, and to be reserved several days in advance.

(the photos and video with the gopro of the guide are still available) 


In the program :

Stag do bachelorette party canyoning

  •   the sensational canyon of Llech (pronounced yek) in Prades for the day or half day


  •  the canyon of the Galamus gorges easy course which requires no rappelling, half-day activity. This canyon course is compatible with a descent of rafting or hydrospeed or canoeing in the Aude at Axat, in the morning or in the afternoon.


  •   the Gourg des Anelles in Cérét is a canyon that is practiced  for half a day.


EVG, EVJF rafting

  • we offer two rafting or hydrospeed or canoeing courses, the sporty descent through the Pierre Lys gorges, around 7 kilometers of rapids from class 2 to class 4, ie a duration of 1h15 on the water.

  • the second course, full rafting includes a raft descent of around 14 kilometers on the rapids of the Aude, or around 2h 15 of descent on the water.


EVG, EVJF, Via ferrata

  • To the south of Saint Paul de Fenouillet, the panoramic via ferrata offers a 3-hour route on the limestone cliffs of the Clue de la Fou. At the top it will be possible to contemplate the sea, the Canigou and the Agly.


Possibility to arrange this course with a descent of rafting or the canyon of galamus in the morning or the afternoon.




According to your desires, it is possible to organize activities over several days, or to do two activities in the day. We also have partners for accommodation next to the practice sites.

Do not hesitate to ask for a quote, we will answer you as soon as possible.







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